Coffee with an Entrepreneur - Carter Winstanley

On April 4th, 2018, The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was honored to have Carter Winstanley, Principal at Winstanley Enterprises, join us for an early morning discussion as a part of our “Coffee with an Entrepreneur” event series.

Carter became Principal of Winstanley Enterprises, LLC in 1992 and has over 27 years of real estate development experience. He is the founder and owner of multiple landmark properties in New Haven including Yale Science Park, The Alexion Building, 300 George Street, and 100 College Street. Carter is one of the country’s foremost developers of incubation centers that are affiliated with academic institutions and has developed a wide range of commercial real estate product types, with a particular expertise in the lab/biotech/technology space.

Carter shared his experiences with us and gave us insight not only on the real estate development industry, but what it means to be a hard-working, successful entrepreneur. We appreciated hearing about his entire journey, including the hardships and the successes.

A few key notes from his presentation include:

“Finding a partner that you can implicitly trust” – Carter talked about his relationship with his brother, who is also his business partner. There is a great balance between them where Carter describes himself as the critical thinker and his brother as the go-getter. It is a team asset having someone to think on a creative level and someone else who sees a perspective cautioning the risks that come with it.

“You need to be training people for tomorrow’s problems” – Because we don’t know what tomorrow’s problems will be, Carter explained that managers and leaders need to teach people how to think critically- especially when there is an enormous amount of noise in the market. There is this deafening noise in the market of what everyone thinks. You need to block it out and figure it out yourself.

“All of the things I swore I would never do, I checked the box on.” – Carter explained that you should never swear against doing anything because one day you just might, and it could be one of the best things you ever did.

We sincerely thank Carter Winstanley for being such an outstanding touch to our Coffee with an Entrepreneur series!

CIE Quinnipiac