Coffee with an Entrepreneur -Mark DeFrancesco

On September 27th, 2017, The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was honored to have Mark DeFrancesco, Principal at Blueprint Benefits, join us for an early morning discussion as a part of our “Coffee with an Entrepreneur” event series.

DeFrancesco specializes in providing companies with seamless solutions for group benefits such as health, dental, life, disability, and more. He takes pride in his ownership stake in a successful local restaurant, Woodbridge Social, in Woodbridge, CT. DeFrancesco plays golf recreationally, as well as for charity supporting the Ronald McDonald House. He shared many insightful pieces of advice that he acquired over the course of his entrepreneurial journey.

Since DeFrancesco’s early teenage years, he was a self-motivated, hard-working, and got an early start in the entrepreneurial industry. At a young age, he began his first “legal” business buying hats at low price and selling them for profit. When it came time for DeFrancesco to attend college, he enrolled in Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurship Program, and picked up a job at a small, local newspaper stand while attending school. During this time, he traveled to Europe for eleven weeks, and visited more countries than you can count on one hand! The greatest thing that came of this for him, was the exposure to all the different people he met along the way. He graduated college in 1985, and took on a job at Mickey Finn’s (Boston, MA) where he was given the opportunity to see every facet of small business operations.

If there is anything we learned about DeFrancesco, it is that he is an all-time great networker. He thoroughly enjoys learning new things and meeting new people. Whether it’s reading an article and reaching out to the writer or exchanging a friendly conversation at a gas station, he is always interested in meeting new people and learning about them. DeFrancesco’s attitude pushes him to continuously try and educate himself, and it is one of the most genuine and admirable qualities about his success.


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