Coffee With an Entrepreneur- Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder of Fulfilment Works made her way to Whitneyville Cultural Commons for the next instalment of Coffee with an Entrepreneur. Mrs. Cooper’s entrepreneurial journey was exceptional and is a great motivator for young entrepreneurs and women in business. Mrs. Cooper had a family, a growing business and was still able to persevere and be successful in all aspects.

Mrs. Cooper started out at a frim as an administrative assistant which provided her with an understanding of business after graduating from college with a psychology degree. After a couple of job changes Mrs. Cooper went to back to school to become a first grade teacher. Both of these experiences were helpful for her moving forward. The first grade teaching taught her patience which she has used with clients, employees and to work smarter not harder.

Mrs. Cooper and her husband began completing order fulfilment with her father’s business part time and together saw the opportunity to grow the business. Mrs. Cooper was very unsure about dropping everything and pursuing this career but was convinced by her influential father to pursue it. Mrs. Cooper’s father had the vision to fulfil this opportunity and is a huge reason for the success of the company Fulfilment Works.  The company grew rapidly and they had to continually upgrade the size of their warehouses to keep up with the demand for their product. They currently have warehouses in Connecticut and in Nevada.

Some of the aspects Mrs. Cooper really focusses on is creating a positive environment for the company after some of her past experiences. This is a family business and they breed the same attitude throughout the company as they did on day one. The culture is the same in their two different warehouses and contributes to the success of Fulfilment Works.

Along with this insight on the journey, Mrs. Cooper provided Quinnipiac students and the Hamden Community with some great advice to move forward with. These include:

·         Treat everything as a learning experience

·         Always think outside the box

·         Never give up

·         Always stay humble

·         Be flexible- Try to dedicate one hour a day and a weekend day to yourself.

·         “Believe in yourself- Cliché but we are very powerful people”

We thank Amy Cooper for taking the time out of her day to discuss her journey with us! Our next Coffee With an Entrepreneur is the 19th March with Hugh Plunkett at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at 8am.

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