Coffee With an Entrepreneur- Mary Howard

Entrepreneur Mary Howard came back to her roots of Hamden, CT to provide insight to the Quinnipiac community about her entrepreneurship endeavours. This session was held at the Quinnipiac Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was enjoyed by all. Ms. Howard has been all about innovation and creating things from nothing all her life as shown through the number of start-ups that she has been a part of. Mary has been involved in various businesses ranging from computer technologies to Mercedes imports. Followed are some of the key points from her discussion.

Ms. Howard began her entrepreneurship at an early age by running a snack bar at her local swimming club. Ms. Howard was able to do this through her involvement in the club emphasizing the importance of networking. Being part of the swim team also provided her with many life lessons like discipline and being part of a team which assisted her in being an entrepreneur.  

Being an individualist as an entrepreneur is extremely difficult which is why Ms. Howard recommends to have a partner. Having a partner and a strong administration can assist in gathering knowledge on areas that an entrepreneur may not be too strong in and develop understanding of all aspects of business.

Currently Ms. Howard is running the Entrepreneurship Lab- Bio and Health Tech NYC which provides the community with resources to assist in accessing governmental grants and other kinds of funding to assist in the launches. ELab currently has 76 graduated companies receiving funding of close to $150 million.

Thank you to Ms. Howard for being our guest for this event and to Whitney Cultural Commons for partnering with this event. We look forward to the next Coffee with an Entrepreneurship which is on Wednesday 29th with Amy Cooper.


CIE Quinnipiac