Women Entrepreneurship Week - Amy Cooper -CEO of Fulfillment Works, LLC


On October 18th, 2017, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship welcomed Amy J. Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Fulfillment Works, LLC, for Women Entrepreneurship Week.

Ms. Cooper is the driver behind the best 3PL (third-party logistics) provider around. She shared her journey from where it all began up to where the company is today. Ms. Cooper followed an exceptional path that has become a motivator for young entrepreneurs and women in business. She was the driver behind growing Fulfillment Works to be outstanding among the rest in the industry, despite the business taking off quicker than expected and raising a family at the same time.

 Ms. Cooper and her husband began completing order fulfilment with her father’s business part-time and together saw the opportunity to grow the business. She was hesitant to drop everything she was doing to pursue a career she knew nothing about, but her influential father convinced her to pursue the vision to “fulfill” this opportunity to grow the business. Fulfillment Works grew so rapidly, they had to continually upgrade the size of their warehouses to keep up with the demand and stay ahead of the curve. They currently have warehouses in Connecticut and in Nevada.


It was both admirable and enlightening how she took a business that she knew nothing about and transformed it into a successful and statistically close to perfection organization. Not to mention, Amazon being one of the company’s largest competitors, Cooper motivated the teams within her business to be detailed-oriented, efficient, and prepared to meet whatever challenges their clients may be facing. With this company-wide work ethic and common business vision, Fulfillment Works stays well ahead of the innovation curve. 

Cooper shared several of her greatest pieces of advice with Quinnipiac’s future business leaders, and elaborated on two of her most essential tips: “always remain humble” and “find your passion.” During the discussion, she established that executives with so much power and intelligence will have no respect following them if they carry a big-ego. Staying humble despite your success is critical if you want people to listen when you speak and follow your lead. Second, Cooper discussed that finding your passion early in the game is a key factor to your future success. Doing as much as you can to learn more about yourself every day will be the ignition to one’s entrepreneurial fire, and the success will follow.


We thank Amy Cooper for taking the time to discuss her journey with us!

Please join us for our next installment of Coffee with an Entrepreneur on October 25th at 4 PM. This event will feature Dana Bucin, partner at Murtha Cullina.

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